A birthday full of valentines, worms, and a bee

learning log 1 and 2

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

In our homeschool…

  • examining soil and real earthworms with a magnifying glass, watching them make tunnels in a jar, reading Wiggly Worms at Work and Wiggly Earthworms, and eating gummy worms just for fun!


Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

  • This time of year can lead to homeschool burnout.  Take a break from the mundane.  We had chances to go on 3 different field trips this month and didn’t.  I think it would have been good for us to get out more.  You can’t do it it all, but I’m looking forward to one in 2 weeks.

Places we’re going…

  • The usual routine–driving the kids to dance, homeschool clubs, basketball practices & games, and piano lessons & recitals.  
  • My 7 year old took part in her first spelling bee.  She was so brave and made it through 5 rounds.  I was so proud of her for studying 150 words this past month and being brave enough to get up in front of people and participate in the bee.  It was a great experience for the whole family.  Lessons learned: We can do hard things and if you did your best than that is all that matters.

 spelling bee

  • Cubscouts–I’m the webelos leader of my son’s troop now; one more thing to add to my already busy schedule.  Breathe, Mindy, breathe…

A few highlights…

  • Celebrating my 36th birthday!
  • Listening to my son and his cubscout friends in the back as I drove them to a museum.  They pretended that our van was their Star Wars fighter plane. It was hilarious to listen to the imaginations of a group of ten year old boys. They crack me up!

My kids favorite things…

  • building a 600 piece puzzle of the world

world map puzzle

valentine's day books

  • making valentines and attending valentine parties with our homeschool clubs
  • writing stories on valentine stationary and doing 1st grade math using conversation heart candies

candy story

  • chalk drawings on an easel by my 3 year old

Things I’m working on…

  • compiling and typing all my recipes into one family cookbook; it is taking me so long, but will be worth it in the end
  • planning our road trip to the East this summer with my husband

I’m cooking and/or eating…

  • trying recipes from The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner
  • a red dinner for Valentine’s Day–heart pizza, chips and salsa, raspberry lemonade, and strawberries
  • cherry juju hearts
  • bread and dipping oil, chicken parmesan on a date to Macaroni Grill
  • my favorite chicken enchiladas that my sister made for my birthday, so I didn’t have to

I’m grateful for…

  • Costco–a new one opened up near us and we just joined.  The last time we were members was about 8 years ago.  It was so fun taking a family outing to eat samples and shop there.
  • A working dryer–our heating element went out last month.  Thanks to a good neighbor that is handy with electronics, we were able to get it fixed. While we waited for the part to arrive in the mail, G. and I spent a date night at the laundromat, eating Cafe Rio and remembering our newlywed days when we had to spend every week there.

What I’m reading…

  • Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli–It was a very interesting book about a girl who was homeschooled, but then attends high school.  I hope my kids never have to experience what she went through, but it had a great lesson about being yourself, no matter what others think.



Something I’ve had my eye on…

  • Downton Abbey–I watched season 1 from the library and just couldn’t wait to watch season 2.  I got it for my birthday and have enjoyed watching it with my husband.  (Yes, I joined the band wagon, but skip the first and third episodes of season 1, it was very offensive.  I can’t recommend season 3 yet.)

A silly photo that makes me smile…

  • My 3 year old rock star–he keeps me young!

rock star

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4 thoughts on “A birthday full of valentines, worms, and a bee

  1. Happy Birthday! I love how you brought Valentines hearts into your math – so cute! I’ve been meaning to jump on the Downton Abby bandwagon too, thanks for the reminder!
    Lucinda (visiting via Collage Friday)

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